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About The Learning Circle

At The Learning circle, we provide children with an environment for fun exploration and enriching experiences. We believe, CURIOSITY & CONFIDENCE is key to learning.

Learning is structured around our three core values: Confidence, Communication and Creativity.

Through positive experiences with drama , art, dance ,musical theatre, literature and poetry our students develop insightful and meaningful perspectives to navigate their world. Your child will explore ,learn and grow loving every moment spent in our learning circles.

Our qualified and experienced team of teachers are passionate about   providing children with enriching experiences and giving  learning potential a helping hand.

With backgrounds in Drama, Art, Musical theatre and Early Childhood Education, our enthusiastic teachers  will ensure that the children have a lot of fun learning important life skills.


Children are naturally creative. It is our job to give them the freedom, materials & space to let their creativity blossom to its full potential .    

~ Jean Vant Hul

Director & Founder of The Learning Circle

Tenie B Sangma

Tenie has extensive experience in working with children in educational organizations and schools. She founded Tokyo Bees Drama Academy in 2012 and had since been expanding and offering the program in various International Schools in Tokyo. 

She has a Masters’ degree in English Literature Delhi University, Early Childhood Education Diploma ( Modern Montessori Institute, London ) and a Speech and Drama Diploma from the Helen O’Grady Training Centre, Bristol England.

Tenie also specializes in organizing events - ranging from Corporate Creative Workshops, Teacher training sessions, Parenting mentorship and family friendly events like Children’s Musicals, Birthday party services, Mother- child lessons, Storytelling sessions and she recently produced KidZfest Tokyo, an International family festival at Hikarie Shibuya.

A mother of 2, a passionate entrepreneur and a proud multipotentialite. Tenie believes that everyone has a special gift that can contribute towards each other’s growth . She strives to live life by following her own set of 3 Cs - Connections, Collaborations  and a dab of Courage!

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It is not about smart children, it is about Happy Children who have the confidence & courage to learn and pursue things dear to their heart.

Alexandra Eidens

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