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Speech & Drama


Speech and drama classes empowers children to learn an essential, basic life skill - EFFECTIVE CLEAR COMMUNICATION. Through an exploration of poetry, reading aloud, drama games, performance and improvisation, children spark their imagination, think creatively and learn to perform & present. 

Classes involve a range of speaking and performing exercises that focus on developing clear speech and confident communication. We set the stage for learning and create an environment  that stimulates children to interact, explore, learn and grow. 


Our programs aim to:

  • Inspire Curiosity

  • Build Self confidence

  • Develop Communication

  • Encourage Creativity

  • Strengthen Social Skills

  • And build a circle of trust, love, friendship and support.

Age Groups
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EXPLORE! Where imagination runs wild

For Preschoolers & Kindergarteners ( 3-5 year olds )

Children are born  curious by nature & eager to learn. The world around them is a wonder. Lessons are filled with stories, songs, movement , rhymes, stories,  and structured make-believe games that feed their imagination and make for playful exploration.

Children are uninhibited and free, and our drama classes harnesses that energy and puts it to use as we develop confidence, communication and creative expression skills.

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STORY TELLERS!  Tell us a story

For Lower Elementary ( 6-9 year olds )

Children are learning to tell more complex stories using words, movement and creativity. We work on short scripts, improvised scripts, popular tales, mimes and even create our own! At this age, children are starting to work on using their bodies, expressions & language to bring their creative ideas to life and on to the stage.

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TA-DA! This is me 

For Higher Elementary /Middle school ( 10- 13 year olds )

At this stage, children are starting to develop more self awareness and build an idea of what kind of roles they want to play and the stories they love to tell. They start to navigate & combine the finer details of characterization, text interpretation, techniques in acting and reacting. Children work on voice, improvisations, public speaking and presentation skills to produce a scripted play with music , dance and a live audience! This is when the magic comes alive!

other Programs

Speech Lessons

 In our Speech classes, we use carefully chosen  pieces of literature  - prose and poetry and work on the basics of learning to speak clearly, expressively  and confidently.  Children will learn poems, rhymes, choral reading pieces to develop a love for good literature, build self confidence and enhance social skills. 

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

Designed for children who are interested in learning to present to an audience on stage, this program helps to boost their confidence as well as develop techniques and strategies in  public speaking.

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Holiday programs & Workshops

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